Manicure Table: Can You Do a Manicure at Home Without a Beauty Bench?

Doing nails at home on a budget - like the idea?  So do we!  That is why we created this guide to help you create the perfect space for you and your clients within the confines of your home.  Before we begin, it is important to realise that most people misguidedly think that getting your nails done at a salon yields better results than what you can do at home.  It is a perception bias that you can take advantage of given that you create a professional-looking space to provide your services.

How do you do that?  One.  You invest in all the essential equipment.  Two.  You learn your craft’s ins and outs because no matter the quality of your equipment, bad service remains bad service.

Get a pen and paper and let us go on a journey exploring the question, how can you do manicures at home with or without a beauty table?

How to do manicures at home without a manicure table

With money being tight for most entrepreneurs, it is important to ensure that whatever you have budgeted for your business goes to good use.  The beauty of starting a nail business at home is that you do not have to buy a salon-quality manicure table.  Instead, a good inexpensive vanity table will help you get the job done.  Remember, a good flat surface that features the right width and length will get the job done 99% of the time.  What do I mean?

Manicure tables come in different sizes and with different features.  The added features, such as inbuilt lighting and storage.  Are not a necessary feature in a space where you have more control.  This allows you to buy inexpensive but stylish manicure tables or use a horizontal surface that meets basic requirements.

If you cannot spend any money on a table, the alternative is to use a small table you already have.  But that is not enough to make your space look professional.  Do not worry, we explain how to design your space like a pro below.

How to do manicures at home with a manicure table

Buying a quality manicure table is beneficial in that it allows you to provide your customers with maximum comfort and relaxation.  Think about it, if the table you own is not the right height or width, then your client may have to adjust into an awkward position which can affect breathing or cause an overall negative experience.  I say that because part of the reason men and women get their nails done is for relaxation.

Manicures and pedicures traditionally involve massaging of the hands and feet.  The reason these services feel good is.  Poor circulation stemming from cold weather, shoes, typing, daily activities, and so on may cause swelling, pain, and stress.  Massaging your extremities in a relaxed position, according to research, helps to improve circulation in your hands and feet, and by extension ‘cure’ or provide relief to the aforementioned problems.

Therefore, the reasons you should invest in a quality manicure table today include:

  • A professional-looking space.
  • You get to fully own the asset, meaning, you will not have to buy another if the business takes off.
  • Maximum customer comfort and convenience.

You do not have to buy the most expensive item on the shelf, instead, make sure that the height and width are right and that you have all the essentials.

What if I need a manicure table for personal use?

If you are planning not to do nail work commercially, we recommend getting a Glammar Hollywood style Vanity Mirror with bulbs & Desk. My reason for recommending this item is it allows you to create a beautiful space that has all the essentials, that is -ample storage for easily miss-placeable tools of beauty, quality lighting that does not hurt the eyes, and enough space to work on your hands and face.

After you have purchased or designated a manicure table, it is important to ask:

Do you need a certificate to do nails in Australia and can you run the business from home?

In Australia, you may run a nail salon whether you have formal training or not, furthermore, the law does not discourage running this type of business from home.  However Australian law dictates that you must maintain the highest standard of cleanliness and hygiene in your space, and your tools and hygiene equipment must meet set standards.

What if the designated space does not have plumbing?

Setting up plumbing for hygiene reasons is advised but not necessary.  Instead, you may use products such as this stylish tint bowl coupled with a basin or other relevant equipment to clean your clients hands, hair, or feet.

What essential do you need to start a nail salon at home?  You will need:

  • A quality manicure table.
  • Different types of brushes, towels, and towelettes.
  • Some form of entertainment for different genders.
  • Nail cleansers, pedicure foot files, toe separators, and nail file kits.

 But that is not the end of it, there are a few skills you must master at the beginning of your nail work career.  The most important include:

  • You must invest in your business regularly. Investing does not stop with purchasing a manicure table, instead, you will have to regularly study your competition and reinvest in education and equipment whenever necessary (keep up with the times and trends).
  • The cost of necessary small items such as brushes, nail files, polish, and so on will add up. So, make sure that you budget properly.  Do not splurge, plan your purchases.
  • Keep an eye on technology and purchase items that do not require other items to properly function.
  • Share tips and tricks, make friends, create a network, and find ways to improve constantly.

How to start a nail salon business at home with or without a manicure table

A manicure table is the centrepiece of any salon business.  However, if you find alternatives such as a comfortable mini table.  It is possible to create a professional space on a limited budget.  The ideal place to start is on the surface of your manicure table.  What you need is a comfortable flat top that allows you to get the job done without stressing your clients' joints.  The surface should also look great.  Meaning, if the table is a bit worn out, you may improve its looks by covering it with contact paper.

You have a manicure table.  What next?

Obtain licenses and permits

Laws vary from authority to authority; therefore, it is important to check local government laws to avoid violation.  We recommend talking to an experienced nail professional in your area because he or she knows how to operate legally and what potential costs you can avoid.


Improve the quality of lighting

Manicure tables with in-built lighting are an okay addition to your home, but as mentioned, added features may cost you a bit extra and you may not necessarily need such features.  What is crucial to remember is that lighting in your home-based salon will either make or break you.  Why?  Nail work is an art-based practice, meaning, you must be aware of what you are doing.  Dull or uneven lighting might interfere with shading leading to a situation where patterns do not match and a dissatisfied client.

What you should go after is two sources of light:

  • A 400w or 400 lux overhead or pendant lights with soft tones.
  • A 700w adjustable or floor lamp to make your work easier.

Alternatively, if the weather is welcoming.  You may do client nails on your balcony or a pleasant outside space you have access to.

Optimize your space for both genders and ensure maximum comfort.

Getting your nails done is no longer a female-led practice, remember one of the first things we notice when interacting with each other are the hands.  Meaning, manicures, and pedicures have become unisex.  We recommend a general aesthetic or one that does not impose gender identities.  So, avoid the heavy pinks or other colours and setups that might make opposite genders shy away from your space.

Additionally, it is important to never forget that people come in different sizes, heights, and have different preferred sitting positions.

To appease these needs, you should go for a pedicure chair that is adjustable, stylish, and comfortable to sit on.  Considering multifunctionality and comfort factors, we recommend a good adjustable massage bed.  Wait, what?

A good massage chair such as the Glammar Souvlaki Beauty bed is a multi-purpose item that allows you to provide complementary services such as a full body massage. Alternatively, you may purchase or designate a comfortable, preferably, adjustable chair to that purpose.

Use equipment and quality work to attract clients

Getting your nails done should be an experience that you or your clients long for.  Therefore, it is up to you to ensure that your clients have a good time in your space and that they tell others about you.  To that end, invest in the right manicure table, work chair, and learn to conversate and listen.  Remember, a manicure or pedicure is therapy to some.  So, learn how to be friendly and how to personalize the experience for all your clients.

Some ways to personalize the nail salon experience for clients include;

  • developing customer profiles.
  • Offering clients multiple options.
  • Build a personal business relationship with them through quality nail work.
  • Suggest complementary services they may enjoy
  • consider offering mobile services (special delivery), and so on.

Do you need a manicure table at home?

It depends on what services you intend to provide, if all you need is a beauty spot, then it makes more sense to invest in a styling station that features all the necessities.  However, if you intend to offer nail services to paying customers.  You must use the information above to create a professional space that both you and your clients will love.

What are your thoughts on this, do you need a manicure table at home?  And do not forget to visit our shop for quality nail salon furnishing.

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