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Mention the words cheap salon furniture or affordable furniture in a crowded room and often the reaction you will receive is, "it is better to save up your money and buy quality furniture".  But there are ways to purchase premium furnishings without losing an arm and a leg!

Today, we take you on a deal hunting expedition that will save you time and money. 

What is the cheapest place to buy furniture?



Buy locally.  Why?

The benefits of buying salon furniture locally go beyond avoiding import costs.  The main benefit is that delivery will not take months or weeks and if the item has defects or is not what you expected replacing or returning the item will not be a hassle.

Furthermore, local manufacturers use safer and more natural production methods that do not include harmful glues or chemicals

Remember, in Australia, the law requires all online and physical stores to ensure that the products or services they provide meet Australian safety regulations.  Furthermore, Australian law also requires retailers to not mislead or hide costs and other details from you, and vendors must give automatic guarantees to customers who have the right to ask for a replacement, repair, refund, and cancellation if there is a problem.

The point is, when you buy salon furniture from a local retailer, you enjoy more protection compared to someone who purchases furnishings from offshore retailers. It also saves you money.


Cheap salon furniture and interior design: clever ways to make inexpensive furniture look expensive

The ongoing pandemic and disruptions in workflow mean that most of us are currently functioning on a budget.  Because of that, you must keep your spending to a minimum.  So, the question is, how do you make inexpensive/ affordable furniture look expensive?

An affordable table and contact paper

With contact paper, you can create a fake marble, wood… table or product display shelf.

To demonstrate you may purchase Glammar Tammy Manicure Table Onyx alongside contact paper of your choosing, we suggest thick marble self-adhesive paper that is durable, easy to clean, and removable.

Note, if the contact paper you purchase is not removable, you may damage your table's finish.

You may also use contact paper to mask your countertops or your floors to cover storage cabinets, and anything else that has a smooth surface.

The point is, if you are on a budget, or not allowed to paint the walls you may use contact paper to create the interior aesthetic you want without spending too much or moving.

Here is an example or marble contract paper to inspire you:

Buy a plain piece of furniture then improve it with bold colours

What is the best colour for salon furniture?  Forget what "they," told you, there is no best colour for furniture.

What matters is the aesthetic and experience you want to create.  That means it is okay to experiment with colours as much as you would like.  BUT and that is a big one.  There are rules you should follow when picking colours for your salon's furniture.

Jewel tones, neutral backdrops, vintage paint, and bold patterns allow you to create playful aesthetics, different variations and combinations of colours can "refresh" your space, and bright bold colours make interiors pop.  That is a lot to digest so let me simplify.

Creating the right aesthetic for your salon is about balance, and ensuring that you do not damage expensive furniture.  That is why it is safer to buy cheap salon furniture if you are planning to modify the item in some way.  Remember a few changes to your furniture might either increase its resale or attraction value or ruin both.

How to improve cheap salon furniture with bold colours


Before you begin, it is important to consider the condition of the item.  If you bought it used or got it cheap, test the item's functionality and how it fits in your space.  from there you can decide to either make the item stand out or fade it into your salon's background.  For example, if you found a styling station and the style does not fit your aesthetic, you may cover it with contact paper or paint it the same colour as your salon's background.

If you want people to see the item, what you should do is decorate the furniture item with bold colours.

Rules to follow when decorating salon interiors with bold colours/multiple colours:

  • Use the 60/30/10 rule: this rule says that the dominant colour in your space (furniture and walls) should take up 60% of the room, the secondary colour 30%, and the accents should be 10%.
  • To pattern or not to pattern: if you choose to pattern colours or furniture, choose a unifying pattern.


Consider designing your salon for collaboration or renting

Renting a salon space can help pay the bills and guarantee some income even if you do not get any clients.

But how do you attract stylists that want to rent your space?

Select a high-traffic location.  it could be inside a mall or somewhere popular with your target demographic.  Once you have space, the next part is to figure out how to make your salon stand out.  Industry professionals recommend that you have as many pictures and videos of your work as you can.  Use these visuals to market on social media and to create a website or blog.  You should also exhibit your work at hair or beauty shows, put up posters in popular places, update your Google My Business rating, and rent space to stylists who get along (minimise workplace conflicts).

How to design salon interior for collaboration on a budget

What are collaborative spaces?  In a salon setting a collaborative work environment is a space where multiple stylists work under one roof.  They could be your employees or individuals renting space.

Consider each stylist's workstation, chair combination and work environment

If you are renting out salon space, it is important to ensure that each stylist has his or her own space, the room is optimized for flow, and the furniture for each stylist best suits the service they aim to provide.  Optimized for flow simply means that traffic in your space should move freely without interfering with work.

the point is:

  • All chairs and stylings stations in your salon should provide sufficient support and functionality.
  • The work chairs should be adjustable to prevent stylist fatigue.
  • Ensure that you set an optimal room temperature and that there are enough windows, lights, and ventilation.
How to use cheap salon furniture to create a collaborative work environment

You do not have to spend vast amounts of cash on matching salon chairs and workstations.  Instead, some aftermarket modifications can help you create a unifying aesthetic even if the brands are not the same.  For example, buy multiple used or cheap salon chairs.

After that, reupholster the items with matching materials.

Think customer and employee experience

A collaborative work environment can be chaotic if not well organised, consequently, it is important to ensure that you create a peaceful environment that both customers and employees want to be in. The question is, how do you do that without breaking the bank?

According to research, many customers have no issue paying premium prices if the experience is good.  To take advantage of this, you should look at your salon's customer experience from the outside.

To overcome the bias you may have, it is always better to experience your business from someone else's perspective.  For example, ask customers what they love or hate about your space.  you may also work with an experienced interior designer to answer that question.

Should you buy cheap furniture online?

The truth is, regardless of where you buy, salon furniture will not last forever.  However, quality online vendors who are closer to home present more benefit in that you can easily get the item repaired, or replaced.

Therefore, it is important to learn to distinguish quality vendors from scammers and vendors who sell products designed to fail.  Yes, some manufacturers design consumer products with the aim of trapping you in a buy-repair- replace loop.  How do you avoid falling into this trap?

  • If you have doubts about a vendor, verify the vendor's industry certification. The quality of the vendor's website also matters.
  • Check the measurements: there are numerous stories of individuals purchasing miniaturised versions of products. So, make sure that you double-check the product's dimensions.  When in doubt about an item's size, get a second opinion or ask the vendor directly.
  • Read product instructions and details: product images do not always represent the item in its full glory, therefore read all the accompanying texts on the product page, including reviews if there are any to be sure that what you are ordering is what you get.
  • Check shipping or transport costs: buying locally gives you the advantage that you may avoid paying transport costs by picking the item yourself. But to be safe, check the cost of delivery and the price of the item before you spend any money on it.



Quick take: salon furniture and interior design on a budget 

What you can create with a frame or cheap furniture goes way beyond what you can imagine.  All it takes is a little thought and creativity.

We suggest buying cheap then adding some improvements to the item.  For example, you may buy a dull-looking styling station, then make it stand out with bold colours or patterns as explained above.  But remember, just because you are spending less money on it, it does not mean that you should go for items that are beyond repair or improvement.  Instead, make sure that the item you purchase is in good condition (a few inexpensive defects are okay) and that you buy from a reliable vendor.  Preferably a local vendor.

Overall, cheap salon furniture does not always equal bad.

What tricks and tips would you give someone intending to start a salon on a budget?  Let us explore this discussion in the comments.

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