Salon Mirror Ideas: A Simple Guide to Low Budget Beauty Parlor Interior Design

It begins the usual way, you Infront of a mirror contorting your neck into awkward positions to see if a haircut or hairdo is what you wanted it to be.  The issue here is 60% of the time the problem is not your new haircut.  Instead, the problem could be your mirror.

 As a salon or barbershop owner, it is important to ensure that you purchase the right mirror or mirrors for your business and place them strategically.  Lack of forethought in mirror placement and functionality will create the problem mentioned above for your customers.

Picking up from a previous article that focused on salon styling stations this article will focus on mirrors and low-budget interior design.  We explain how to save money on salon mirrors, how to place salon mirrors strategically, and everything in between.

Why do Salons Have Parallel Mirrors?


Salons and barbershops have parallel mirrors because that type of mirrors allow clients to see the back and front of their heads.  However, mirrors are not the same, meaning the reflections you or your customers see are not always accurate, and placement matters.

Question: how do you position parallel mirrors?

First, it is advisable that you have mirrors of equal length or width.  If the mirrors are circular, the circumference should be the same.

What to remember:

  • When aligned at a zero-degree angle, a parallel mirror system will display an infinite number of images.
  • At a fifty-degree angle, you will get six images of the subject.

For a full-body visual, we recommend two life-sized mirrors placed at a fifty-degree angle.  On the other hand, if you own a hair or make-up station, we recommend parallel mirrors or a vanity mirror.

What happens when you increase the angle between salon mirrors?

When you increase or decrease the angle between mirrors, you either increase or decrease the reflected images.  That means you are at liberty to place your salon mirror at whatever angle best suits your intentions.


How Much is a Large Salon Mirror in Australia?

The cost of a mirror goes beyond the buying price.  Meaning, after purchase you must consider transport and installation costs.  A large mirror will cost you anywhere from $20 to $1000.  So, before you buy, you must know the exact type of mirror your salon or home needs.

The average salon needs concave mirrors and convex mirrors.  Concave mirrors produce enlarged images of the face or body.  This makes it easy for customers to see their cut or Hairdo.  A convex/ curved mirror bulges towards the light source, meaning convex mirrors reflect light outwards.  That is why convex mirrors are used for cars because they provide a wider field of view.  In a salon or barbershop, convex mirrors are best used to bring in natural light. Therefore, place convex mirrors near a window or other light source.

What if I do not have the funding to buy multiple mirrors?

In that case, I would recommend that you get a trifold vanity mirror. Why?

As the name suggests a tri-fold mirror is three mirrors in one such as the Glammar Hollywood Vanity Mirror. Featuring LEDs and a foldable design.  This item is not only space-saving but also functional.  It is perfect for a small salon or your bedroom.

Rules to Follow When Placing Mirrors in a Salon or Barbershop

Mirror placement requires plenty of forethought because you do not want light reflections to interfere with work and their delicate nature means that you must place mirrors strategically to avoid accidents.  Remember, a salon or barbershop is a busy place, so to avoid accidental breakage and reflection discomfort you should:

  • Design your salon interior for flow: make sure that your mirrors fit the aesthetic and are out of the path of flow.
  • Hang your mirrors at least four to five feet above the floor.
  • Allow enough space for mirror cleaning.

What to avoid when placing salon mirrors

  • Never leave unframed mirrors freestanding, instead, bolt them to the wall or frame them.
  • Do not place a mirror in the direct path of a harsh light source.
  • Never place a mirror across from clutter or private areas in your salon or spa.

Salon Mirrors with LED Lights


We do not all have the luxury of owning a space that has access to natural light.  On top of that, your salon's overhead lights might be harsh to your customers and employees.  That is why you should invest in salon mirrors with LED lights.

Are mirrors with LED lights worth it?

Salon LED mirrors are not just for show, instead they are functional items that not only make space more attractive but also enhance the experience for your customers.  Unlike plain mirrors, LED mirrors form a clean clear picture of the reflected object.  Furthermore, LED lights do not consume as much energy as normal lights, meaning, strategic placement can help lower your salon's power consumption.

Additionally, the ambient lighting produced by LED mirrors adds glamour to your salon.

Low-Budget Salon Mirror Interior Design Ideas to Inspire You

How do mirrors work in salon interior design?

Strategically, mirrors serve two functions in a salon or barbershop.  That is, we use mirrors for decorative and reflective functions.  The reflective nature of mirrors allows customers to look at themselves and brings light into space.  As a decorative item, a mirror becomes part of your marketing strategy, as in, your mirrors create an aesthetic that your customers either love or hate.


How do you strategically place mirrors in a salon?

When buying mirrors for your salon, consider the function of each item before purchase.  Doing that will keep you from buying items that you do not need.

First, consider the lighting conditions in your space.

Have your employees complained about low light?  Are there areas that do not get as much light as you would like?  If so, here is how to use mirrors to brighten your salon.

Do you have access to a large window, skylight, or any other source of natural light?

If yes, place the largest convex mirror you have right next to the light source.  Doing that will double the amount of light cast into the room.

If you do not have access to natural light, you may place a convex mirror next to or near a fluorescent bulb.

Make mirrors in your salon the focal point


Salons and barbershops exist to make us look good, so you want to make sure that your clients are aware of what is always happening to their heads without having to get into awkward positions.  The key to achieving this effect is placing mirrors in front and at the back of your customers.  The image reflected by the back mirror means that your clients will not have to move from the workstation.

We recommend placing large mirrors on the walls and a styling station in front.

The idea is to create a 360-degree view of each customer's head and or body.  That is why we recommend large mirrors.

Choose a Mirror Shape that Matches your Aesthetic

Instead of sticking with traditional rectangular mirrors.  Consider other shapes and designs that match the vibe you want to create for your salon.  For example, if you are going for a vintage setup, circular mirrors can help your space stand out.

Tips to help you pick a mirror that matches your salon's aesthetics

  • Horizontal mirrors create the illusion of a larger room, we recommend placing them at eye level on your walls.
  • Vertical mirrors make the subject look taller; we recommend placing one in your waiting area so that clients see themselves as they enter or leave.
  • Rounded mirrors add personality to your workstation, keeping your salon from looking monotonous.


Simplicity is Elegance

A clean and simple palate is what you should aim for when designing your salon's interior.  Starting with your salon mirror setup, make sure that all your mirrors are out of the way of traffic, you paint your walls with colors that do not overwhelm your clients or employees, and the mirrors serve both as functional pieces and as part of your deco.

To that end, we recommend:

  1. Define certain areas for specific use. This will require you to plan your space before furnishing it.
  2. Create a salon environment that encourages employee collaboration and offers maximum comfort for clients.
  3. If you own permanent space, plan for now and the future before installing permanent fixtures such as a wall.
  4. Consider how lights interact with your mirrors.
  5. Make sure that the space you create reflects the culture of your organisation.

Overall, keep it simple.

That means do not go overboard with the mirrors, colours, or equipment.  We encourage you to seek a second and a third opinion.  You should also consider client and employee ideas and comments.  Remember, if multiple people are complaining, it means that there must be a problem that you must correct.

Salon Mirror Ideas Quick Take

Salon or barbershop mirror placement requires forethought and planning.  The goal here is to create an environment where you, your customer, and your employees want to be in.

We recommend that you invest in mirrors that serve a function you can explain, mirrors that fit your aesthetic, and keep the space as simple (design-wise) as you can.  That means if an item serves no justifiable function, get rid of it.

Strategic mirror placement in a salon is about creating a 360-degree view of the subject.  Therefore, the right way to place salon mirrors is in the front and back of your styling stations.  If your styling station features a mirror, make sure that the mirror you place facing it is the right size and complements the styling station's aesthetics.

Also, avoid crowding mirrors and other equipment in your salon, instead, use a floor plan that encourages a smooth flow of traffic.

What rules do you follow when placing mirrors?  Tell us in the comments.


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