Salon Styling Stations: The Owner's Complete Guide to Low-Budget Salon Interior Design.

How to win repeat customers and the longevity of work equipment are two questions that keep one too many salon owners up at night.  Every day you live with the thought that some minor accident might result in property damage or dissatisfied clients.  According to industry experts, the price of your salon equipment does not always equal quality.

Consequently, it is important to invest in the right type of equipment.  Today we explore the centerpiece of your beauty parlor, and we explain how to furnish your salon on a budget.  This is a three-part series that will focus on styling stations, mirrors, and low-budget salon interior design.

Our focus today is on styling stations.  We ask -are double-sided salon styling stations better than wall-mounted stations?  What styling stations best suit your setup?  Plus, plenty more including questions like how far apart should salon stations be?

How to Choose the Right Furniture for your Salon

Figuring out what you need for your salon is not always as straightforward as it sounds.  The reason for that is you must figure out the identity you want to create for your salon, and to do that, you must invest in equipment that best suit your vision.  The centerpiece of your business is a styling station or stations.  Because that is where your employees, you, and your customers will spend the most time.

Therefore, it is important to pick a styling station that is both functional, space-saving, and pleasant to look at for extended periods.

A styling station may be big, medium, or small.  The varieties range from wall-mounted styling stations to floating salon stations and double-sided salon stations.  That raises the question, what type of salon workstation should I get and how many?

Value versus Quantity

More salon stations equal more revenue.  Right?  True but the more stations you have, the higher the possibility of crowding and disrupted workflow.  The rules for styling station placement are very straightforward, that is:

  • Your salon styling stations must allow sufficient workspace.
  • The stations you choose should be stylish, durable, and practical (perfectly balanced)


Enough space for employees means fewer accidents, conflicts, and a happy work environment.  A cluttered space equals more accidents and unhappy employees and customers.

The point is, do not jam as many styling stations as you can in your space.  Instead, find a suitable number of styling stations that will fit your space.  How do you do that?  Salon owners and interior designers recommend

        • 3.2 square meter for a styling station
        • 3.3 square meter for a shampoo area
        • 1.4 square meter for a manicure are
        • 2.9 square meter for a pedicure area

Working with the above figures make it easier to determine how many salon stylings stations your space needs.


What Styling Station Mirror Best Suits your Setup?

The shape of the room and how you design the work environment will affect you, your customers, and your employees in more ways than you can imagine.  For example, did you know that round-shaped furniture helps to promote creativity and collaboration within a workspace?


Take the setup above as an example.  The rounded mirrors and simple setup allow for easy workflow in limited space.  What is special about these mirrors is that their round shape adds dimension to your room, and the rounded edges promote relaxation.

That is not to say that triangular or square mirrors are bad.

Triangular and square mirrors are perfect for small spaces because they create the illusion of a larger space, whereas rounded mirrors create a personalised experience in that your clients do not have to see everything that is going on around them.

This helps them relax.

Communal versus Personalised Salon Setup



What you should get is a styling station that best matches your theme, and is practical given the space and environment you have for it.

That means the ideal space is one that accommodates all your employees and operations.  Start with the culture you want to create, for example, do you want a communal salon where workers share space and equipment, or do you want a more personalised experience for your clients.


For a "communal salon setup." We recommend multiple back-to-back styling stations (depending on how much space you have) in the middle of the room or a style that best fits the space.  The reason to invest in double-sided salon stations is that placing them in the middle of the room allows for seamless collaboration and if you have enough legroom.  You may add additional stations on the walls.  There is also the benefit that employees will not have to work back-to-back which can be a recipe for accidents in small spaces.

On the other hand, wall-mounted styling stations are best suited for long or narrow working spaces.  Lastly, floating workstations are suitable for all spaces thanks to their mobility and space-saving design.

Purge all Clutter

Decluttering your space is important as it makes the room more attractive and easier to work in.  The decluttering process begins before you buy, that is measure your space before you purchase workstations.  If you purchase workstations without considering the amount of space you have, you may end up buying more than or less than you need, meaning, you may waste money.

So, use the measurements above to plan your space on paper.  If you need help, contact an interior designer.

Low Budget Salon Interior Design Ideas to Guide Workstation Purchase Decisions

If you are finding it difficult to decide what type of workstation bests suits your setup, here are some low-budget ideas to guide and inspire you.

Paint the walls a lovely colour before you purchase a workstation

You may paint your walls before or after purchasing styling stations, we recommend the latter because you want to create an environment that shapes the right perceptions in your customer's minds.  Remember, colour plays a part in shaping thoughts and feelings towards your business.  We explained the importance of colours in a recent article.  So, if you have not read it, click here.

The colours you pick for your walls should complement or contrast your workstations.

The idea is to take a close look at the dominant hues in the finish of the workstation you have or intend to buy.  From there you have two options:

  • Create a high contrast wall to workstation color scheme or.
  • Pick colors that complement each other (workstation-wall).


Use art and salon decorations to guide your purchase.

You do not need expensive art to make your salon feel classy or make your walls look good.  You need a piece of art or pieces of art that again complement or contrast your styling stations.  Remember, the star of the show here is your workstation.

  • Relaxed environment: to create this type of environment in your salon, look for abstract pieces that feature soothing tones or colours.
  • Create a rotating gallery: if you have a floating ledge shelf, you may populate it with an assortment of art that inspires you, your employees, and customers. You may also use the shelf to display products.
  • Big mirrors or art: if you have a large space, leaving the walls undecorated can make the space feel empty. Therefore, install large mirrors at strategic locations and art that best suits the space.  Could be the salon's logo or artwork that matches your organization's culture.

The space you create with artwork and wall paint, may help you pick the right workstation.

Salon Styling Stations Quick Take

Styling stations are an important addition to any salon or barbershop.  However, investing in the wrong kind will lose you money or mess up your aesthetic.

So, we recommend some forethought and planning before purchase.  Start with a blank canvas - an empty room.

From there, decide the type of work culture you want.  You have the option of creating a collaborative work environment or a personalised experience using your workstations.  For collaborative work culture, make sure that each worker has enough space and each styling station has all the essentials.  We recommend a combination of back-to-back styling stations and wall-mounted styling stations.

On the other hand, if you have enough space, you may designate work areas for everyone.

Overall, what is important to remember when purchasing salon styling stations on a budget is:

  • Make sure there is enough legroom for everyone.
  • Your salon workstation should complement or contrast your walls and artwork.

What is your take on this?  What do you look for in a salon workstation?  Tell us in the comments and do not forget to visit our shop for fantastic deals on quality salon workstations.


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