Spa bed: What is The Best Massage Table for Home Use?

Spa bed ideas -to turn your home into a sanctuary of relaxation.  Plus, tips to create the perfect spa experience at home.

Today, we help you find the right equipment that will transform your bathroom or bedroom into a blissful sanctuary for relaxation.

What Can I Use Instead of a Massage Table?


Expert massage therapists recommend the use of spa beds or massage tables whenever necessary, however, if you are on a budget or have limited space you may substitute commercial massage tables with a hammock, a sturdy recliner, air mattress, massage mats, or Moroccan floor cushions.

But the experience will not be as good as using a spa bed, why?

One.  All the alternatives mentioned require thorough clean-up after exposure to liquid or oils.  Two.  The lack of reclining or positioning function in alternatives limits what you can do.  Three.  There is the possibility that you may damage your valuable furnishings.  Therefore, it is safer financially and more convenient to invest in a quality spa bed or massage table.

What to look for in a home spa bed



Before you purchase a massage table.  It is vital to consider where you will use it and how you will store it.  Ideally, you want a massage table that is easy to store and move, it should also comfortably support your weight or the heaviest person in your home.

Therefore, we recommend:

  • A massage table that weighs between twenty-two pounds and forty-six pounds: items in that weight range are highly portable.
  • Easy to clean upholstery: avoid fabrics that easily absorb odors, liquids, or oils. Instead, go for leather or synthetic leather items.
  • Width and length: find a massage table that fits your height and width comfortably. If unsure, go for the biggest one.
  • Motorized or non-motorized: find a motorized spa bed if you intend to move it a lot or a non-motorized massage table if you have a permanent space for it.


The main drawback of traditional spa beds is that some resemble hospital beds which can ruin your home's aesthetic.  So instead of buying a traditional massage bed, we recommend a stylish table such as the Glammar Souvlaki Beauty Bed.  Unlike traditional beauty beds, this item may double up as a work chair, gaming chair, and will fit any aesthetic.

Are portable spa beds any good?

It depends on how much weight the item can handle and the quality of its moving parts.  To take out the guesswork, check out our hand-picked selections here.

How to Create the Perfect Spa Day at Home.

Now that you know what to look for in a spa bed, let us look at what you need to create a worthwhile spa experience within the confines of your home.

Step 1: recreate the spa atmosphere

From entry to exit, spa owners use subtle tricks to keep you relaxed.  It begins with the lights.

It is important to realize that light affects your mood and emotions in different ways, for example, bright light heightens emotions, blue light makes you feel energetic, and in contrast, natural light makes you happier, and soft yellow light makes you feel relaxed.

Therefore, the first step to recreating the spa experience at home is to get rid of blue and bright lights.  Instead, gently light your bedroom or bathroom with soft tones or indirect natural light.

Step 2: A scent that relaxes you

Did you know that odors trigger vivid emotional memories?  In fact.  Multiple studies have shown that scent-triggered memories are linked to increased limbic system activity.  What that means is.  Filling your space with a memorable scent or a scent that calms your nerves -makes the memory and enjoyment of a spa visit last longer.  That is why without the right scent, you will always feel like something is missing.

How do I find the right scent?

We react to different odors in different ways, for example, lavender scent -might trigger headaches in some and help others relax.  Therefore, if you have a scent that you cannot get out of your mind or one that relaxes you, use that.  If you are unsure, there is no harm in trying different scents.  You may use fresheners, scented candles, oils, and so on.  Some scents worth trying include jasmine, rosemary, peppermint, lemon, and lavender.

Step 3: get the music right

There is no need to play pretentious music like whale noise or beach sounds.  The truth is, what you need is music that you find relaxing.  Want to experience a rush of emotions, maybe deep relaxation, or feeling a little naughty?

Whatever the case is, the right type of music helps put your mind in the right place.  We recommend creating a playlist you love beforehand to avoid the need to skip or move from your massage table.

Step 4: is it a solo massage or a two-person thing?

Both a solo massage and regular massage benefit greatly from a quality spa bed in that you will not have to force yourself or someone else into contortionist-level positions to get the job done.  Remember, these items are designed to promote maximum relaxation and deep breathing.  Plus, their adjustable and flexible nature allows you to do more than you can do on regular surfaces.

The point is.  It is always a good idea to have a massage bed.

Step 4: indulge yourself


Laying on your back on a quality spa bed takes the weight off your chest, thus it makes breathing easier and puts your mind at rest.  So, stop trying to control your breathing, lay back, and let relaxation happen.  You will know you are in the right position when there is no strain in your lower chest and breathing requires no effort.

Relax, your massage bed will do all the heavy lifting.

Do you Need a Spa Bed at Home?

The great news is massage tables or spa beds are not expensive.  Meaning, home massages is not an expensive activity to get into.  Furthermore, considering the delicate nature of upholstery and other massage bed substitutes. It is cheaper and financially sound to invest in a massage bed.

Additionally, the health benefits of adjustable spa beds make the item worth the investment.  Wait, what benefits are we talking about?  According to health professionals, the benefits of owning a massage bed include improved blood circulation, muscle pain relief, and insomnia relief.  How?

These benefits stem from the adjustable nature of massage beds.  For instance, good posture stemming from regular spa bed use improves circulation which in turn helps your body eliminate harmful antigens from your body.  You may achieve somewhat similar effects with the alternatives mentioned above, but the overall effect will not be as great as the benefits you enjoy from a commercial spa bed.

Quick take: What is the Best Massage Table for Home Use

Overall, the best massage table for home use is one that can support the weight of the heaviest person in your home, it should be easy to clean, and it should fit your space and aesthetic.  Yes, the alternatives may work, but considering clean-up and possible damage to fabric or structure.  It is best to invest in a massage table.

How do you create a spa-worthy experience at home?  Tell us in the comments, and do not forget to visit our shop for quality spa furniture.





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